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Hola! I’m Bun Bermudez

This Is My Story

My actual name is Christianne but my college friends (now familia) dubbed me by Bunny and it just stuck! I'm awkward, spunky, sometimes I talk a little too loud and maybe a little too much, and my Spanish isn't perfect either but that's me! 

I have a great love for clothes, anime and comics; which will all be showcased in the way I style myself. However, my passion is helping others coupled with my love for bras. So I thought, why not combine the two? When it comes to the lingerie market, I've always felt that women of color have been greatly neglected. As a Latinx woman, it's my dream to help introduce you to this space so you can really truly own it! Mis amores, you start your day with your lingerie, so why not start it off in a great way?

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