3 Bras Made for Summer!

Summer is here! If you're like me and have tetas, you're probably dreading the under-boob sweat that comes with the heat. That's the inspiration for today's blog; I'm going to share my top 3 favorite summer styles that help beat the sweat!

*these are all UK sized brands so remember to convert your US cup size if need be!*

  1. Lifestyle Plunge Bra - Curvy Kate

I swear by this bra! It's unlined, the cups are made of this super airy light mesh and it gives great lift. As long as you're in the right size, you'll be supported all day without having to adjust and you won't get overheated. I get hot very easily because of my thyroid disease, but I'm always cool in this bra and never get the dreaded under-boob sweat. It also features a nice plunge so it's a very versatile style and should work with almost everything in your summer wardrobe.

2. Fancies Plunge Balcony Bra - Freya

I just newly fell in love with this style. I was never really much of a lace girl because it always felt too scratchy on my skin but this bra is actually incredibly soft and breathable! I think it has to do with the lace design itself; it doesn't have just the traditional flowers and petals, there's a hint of cheetah print in there too! This is super fun in itself because animal print always makes me feel a little spicier than usual, that might just be me though. ANYWAYS, this bra also features a nice plunge, although not as deep as the Lifestyle, which does well with tank tops and sweetheart necklines. The feature that makes this bra unique though, is the cage back! D-G cups have a one hook cage back closure that is insanely cute to show off. So if you have a top that has a low back and don't have a bra solution in your wardrobe, this might be one to try! Honestly, everyone always thinks the cage is a part of my top, that's how cute it is!

3. Superplunge Multiway Padded Plunge Bra - Curvy Kate

Speaking of wardrobe solutions, let me introduce you to the Superplunge! Don't be scared by the word "padded," that just means the cups are lined with some light foam to prevent nipple show through but it won't make you look any larger! Don't get me wrong, this bra has some insane lift so you'll definitely look high and round but it's not a push-up bra that "adds" a cup size. What makes this bra SO amazing though, is the fact that you can wear it in endless ways. This features the lowest plunge of the bunch and it can be a racerback, halter, convert to a low back, cross front, or one shoulder...miiijjaaa this bra is INSANE! You need it, I promise you, necesitas este sujetador. It will be one of your staples, especially for vacations because it will honestly be the only bra you need to pack! I've worn this bra in multiple ways already and it's always comfortable and breathable! When converted to the low back, I couldn't even feel the band that wraps around the body. The trick is to just place it where you feel the most comfortable and it'll stay set all day!

That's all I have for you today mis amores, I hope this was helpful! By the way, Curvy Kate is having their summer sale right now so some great styles are currently discount! You might even find some colors in the bras I mentioned ;) Don't forget to use code BRABUNSS10 on your order for an extra discount! The code expires on June 25th and the sale won't last long, so don't miss out babes!

Until next time! Peace and love to Infinity and Beyond. - Buns Out!

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