5 Signs Your Bra Doesn't Fit

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Have you been uncomfortable in your bra and have no idea why? Keep reading to find out the top 5 signs that you might be in the wrong size!


1. Your band rides up

If your bra band is creeping up your back during the day, that means your band size is too big amor! In a new bra, you should be closing the band on the loosest set of hooks and it should be nice and snug. Not tight, not uncomfortable or pinching, just snug so you are supported. The snugness of the band will ensure you are getting the support you need and that it stays in place all day. Fun Fact: the band of your bra provides 80% of the support you receive not the straps.

2. You have shoulder or back pain

Generally, when your bra is not supporting you the way it should, you can start experiencing shoulder or back pain. A visual representation of this would be the bra straps digging into your shoulders. Guess what? When this happens, it's another sign that your band size is too large. When you don't get support from the band, the weight of your breast tissue will start to rely on the bra straps which eventually causes the digging or dents in your shoulders.

3. You have cup spillage

This means that your breast tissue is not properly encapsulated in the cups and the tissue is coming out. Spillage can range from slight bubbling at the top of the cups to the dreaded quad-boob look. The amount of spillage you have will help you determine how many sizes you need to jump up in the cups! For example, slight bubbling usually means you just need one cup up. If you have the quad-boob issue, it would be best to get properly fitted to determine the next best size to try! Measurements are always just a starting point, but if you’re not measuring on your own, be sure to go to a trusted fitter for the most accurate experience.

4. You have empty space in the cups

Now the opposite of the above can also be true. However, when you have space in the cups that doesn’t always mean you’re in the wrong cup size. Confusing right? I’ll clarify for you! Your breast shape also plays a big part in how the cups of your bra will fit. If you are shallow at the top of your breast tissue, meaning you carry most of your breast weight at the bottom of your breast tissue, in full cup bras you will not fill out the top of the cups even in the correct size. In this case, you would just need a different cup shape! Demi, balcony, and balconette bras would be great for this breast shape!

5. The middle gore does not lay flat

What is the ”middle gore” you ask? It‘s that piece right in the middle of your two cups! That piece, in an underwire bra, should be laying flat against your chest bone when in the correct size. In wire-free bras, that middle part will not lay flat because there is no wire to structurally let that happen. Now if the gore is not laying flat, that can mean the band is too big OR that the cups are not the correct size. Sometimes fit issues with the gore can be a bit tricky to fix, it can take a few tries to get the correct size and style for your breast shape but it’s not impossible!


If you’re experiencing any of these issues, please make sure to either measure yourself or go get fitted! The correct size can genuinely change your mood, boost confidence and even make you look slimmer! Here are some places you can get a great fitting if you have no idea where to start:

  • Bare Necessities - they offer fittings via online chat and phone

  • Nordstrom - they offer in-person fittings but call beforehand since some policies have changed in certain locations due to Covid

  • Local Specialty Bra Shops - google it! You’d be surprised at how many are available in your area

  • Curvy Kate - they offer online virtual fittings, just book an appointment via their website!

Get measured soon and take advantage of those holiday sales! If you decide to shop at Curvy Kate, remember to use the code BRAFITBUN for extra money off your order; the code expires on 11/30 so make sure you hurry!

Until next time! Peace and love to Infinity and Beyond.

- Buns Out!

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