Bras: The Right Size Could Change Your Life!

Hola mi Gente!

So bras, almost every person who has to wear them seems to hate them, right? Have you ever stopped to think about why that might be?

Before I started working with bras daily, they were the bane of my existence; all of the ones I owned were uncomfortable, unsupportive, and honestly kind of painful. Then I got fit for my correct size because two big box stores that shall remain unnamed were sizing me wrong for years, and BOOM my whole perspective changed.

For reference, they had me sized as a 32DD about 4 years ago before my bra gig. Once I had a proper fitting I measured to be a US 28DDD (yes, that size exists), and let me tell you, the first time I wore a bra in my actual size for a full day my whole life was changed. I didn't feel the bra at all! I was properly lifted and supported so I had no pains, no poking, and best of all: I didn't have to adjust the bra once the whole day.

You might be wondering, what's the big difference between the sizes? In short, the 28 band is two sizes smaller than the 32 band; that means the amount of support I needed was being sacrificed so I could be "sized" into a bra that was sold in store. The 28 band, however, is a marvel. It's snug like it should be, but not so tight where I'm being stabbed or anything, and holds me up to the point that if the straps of my bra happened to be cut off I would still be supported and the bra wouldn't completely fall apart. Sure, in that instance gravity would come in to play a bit but my point is, I wouldn't be toppling out of the cups. Plus, I don't feel the band at all, like I mentioned before, and I no longer have shoulder or back pain because the band of the bra is doing all the heavy lifting (as it should be) and not the straps!

Now, let's talk about the cup size. This is where things can get tricky or a little confusing because we have to unlearn all the "facts" that were previously taught to us, which were actually very very wrong. The most common mistake that is made in reference to cup size is that the cup volume doesn't change with the band size. For example, the D cup will hold the same volume in a 28 band as it does in the 34 band but that's not true at all. The cup volume is relative to your band size, so a 28D will actually be smaller in the cups than a 34D! The second most common misconception is that the D, DD, and DDD cups are huge. In reality, those sizes aren't very large at all and are among the most common of sizes! To put this in some perspective for you; some bra brands actually make cups all the way up to the letter O and there are some damn cute bras in that size that I wish I could wear.

Don't let the number or letter of your bra size get in your head, it's just a size. What matters is how it makes you feel. Sometimes the right bra size can even make it appear that you've lost some weight because you're lifted to where you should be! If you go get remeasured, which I hope you all do, try a specialty bra store or Nordstrom, they're usually very accurate when it comes to sizing. If you would rather stay at home and not risk exposure to COVID-19, which is completely understandable, try out Bare Necessities for an over-the-phone bra fit!

Stay safe, stay fuerte, and let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions or if you get fitted!

Peace and love to Infinity and Beyond.

- Buns Out!

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