El Cholo's Kid

Hola mi gente!

Today we're live with some amazingly cute and sustainable purses from a Latina-owned and operated brand: El Cholo's Kid!

All purses are weaved by artisans in Mexico that perfected the technique from generation to generation and they're always made from recycled plastic, so it's a small business that lets us support families and the environment; how much better can you get?

Por favor, mira a que LINDO these are! I decided to get one nano size and one mini size bag, they turned out to be the perfect sizes for me. I generally don't carry around a lot of stuff with me when I'm out so I tend to gravitate to smaller purses, but the mini has tons of space. I honestly wasn't expecting to be able to fit so much in it. I'm going to make a video for y'all later so you can see just how much each can hold!

I bought the Limon mini and Neon Orange nano because I'm a sucker for bright accessories, and summer is coming so they're all around perfect. However, there are tons of color options to choose from and they have bags that are larger than these! They're also super easy to clean and sanitize, so, another point for perfection is given for the times!

Here's a little video showing some quick errand outfits I threw together for each bag. I stuck with a monochrome theme, but I would interchange the bags for each outfit now and then to add a pop of color, in all honesty.

That's it for today is amores! Don't forget to check out El Cholo's Kid for your sustainable accessory needs!

Until next time! Peace and love to Infinity and Beyond.

P.S. This is not sponsored in any way, we're not that fancy yet! I just love the brand and wanted to share them with you! <3

- Buns Out!

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