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Fit Tips: V-Day Lingerie

Hola mi Gente!

So love day is coming up and although it's not my favorite thing in the world because love should be shown every day, I know it's like Christmas for some, and I think that's super cute SO I'm not going to knock it! Valentine's Day comes with a bunch of questions on how lingerie sets should fit or if they can even fit a larger bust. I'm going to highlight 3 key groups of lingerie so things don't get super complicated while helping to navigate you through all of the common questions! Let's get to it, shall we?

  1. Lingerie Sets -

When it comes to sets that include both the bra and panty, for larger busts, wire-free options are your best friend! The underwire options generally run small in the cups so they tend to not work well for those with larger cup sizes. However, the wire-free options usually have more stretch so you have more wiggle room to fit in the cups! As far as sizing for these, the size charts are pretty straight forward so if you look at one and see you definitively fall into a size bracket, go with that size for sure. If you're falling into two size brackets, go with the size that best fits your largest measurement. For example, if your bust is a size medium and your hips are a size large, you should go with the large so the panty isn't too tight. More often than not the top will just stretch to fit you and won't be too loose! Here's the most important thing to remember about wire-free sets: DON'T TAKE THE PICTURES TO HEART. Nine times out of ten you won't look like the model while you're wearing the set, but guess what? That's okay! It's more than okay! You're going to look like you, you'll be flawless, undoubtedly beautiful and spicy as hell Mija! So work that updo and don't doubt yourself for a second.

2. Bra Sized Lingerie -

If you haven't been measured for a bra in a while, go get that done! I know with COVID that's a bit difficult, but try Bare Necessities for a fitting over the phone or via chat. If you're not sold on getting a fitting just yet but also aren't sure about the fit of your current size, check out my previous Fit Tip post for more guidance! Now, let's get into these sets!

Bra-sized sets are my jam and favorite to recommend because they're fit to support your actual size instead of a range of sizes and the panties are generally sold separately so the overall look is even customizable! PLUS, there are usually multiple options for the panty so if you're not a thong girl, a cute cheeky or brief option also is there for you to choose. Here are some brands for some great set options: Dita Von Teese, Curvy Kate, and Scantilly by Curvy Kate. These are all UK sized brands so you might have to convert your cup size to get the correct fit, just be mindful of that and check the size chart if you shop for any of these! If you're looking for a vintage, pin-up style Dita is your girl! That's what her brand is all about.

Some of my personal favorites are Curvy Kate and its sister brand Scantilly! Curvy Kate is insanely bubbly; they have bright colors and quirky designs that really help add life to your bra drawer. So if your version of sexy includes some quirkiness I would recommend checking out their styles. I usually wear a 28DDD but for me, Curvy Kate can run a bit snug in the band so I size up one size. I'm a bit full in my breast tissue so, again for me, I also size up in the cups one size to a 30DDD or UK 30E in their styles and the fit is amazeballs. Seriously my boobs always look fantastic and that's exactly what I want for you! The sister brand Scantilly has the same fit for me so I always get a UK 30E in their styles too.

Now if you want something super spicy that you can wear under everyday clothes, Scantilly is the way to go! I have the Unzipped set shown in the photo below and the cage feature is so cute to show off while wearing lower cut tops or dresses. The panty I chose has a high waist and a strap feature at the top that really brings everything together! I wear a lot of high-waist bottoms so this was the most practical option for me.

And GUESS WHAT? If you want to shop Curvy Kate or Scantilly, use this code: BRABUNN10 for some money off your order! It even works on sale items!

3. Bodysuits -

There are two types of bodysuits in the game, bra-sized bodysuits and dress sized bodysuits. I'm sure you can guess which I prefer by now. In my opinion, bra-sized bodysuits give more support, but they can still be tricky since they don't have measurements for the waist and hips. The best thing to do for these is to buy one in your regular bra size and one in your sister size! For your sister size, you need to size up one in the band and size down one in the cups. For example, I'm a 28DDD so my sister size is a 30DD! Sizing up in the band of a bra-sized bodysuit will actually make the body of the suit wider, so if you're largest measurement is your waist or hips doing this will give you more wiggle room! You can find some great bra-sized bodysuits by Pour Moi, which is also a UK sized brand so keep that in mind.

Dress-sized wire-free bodysuits, like the one in the photo below, are super straight forward size-wise! Just check the size chart to compare your measurements and you'll be good to go. However, just like the wire-free lingerie sets, if you fall in two size brackets go with the larger size! For dress-sized bodysuits that happen to have an underwire, pay extra attention to the bust measurement. If you want it to fit well in the bust, that is very important! Sometimes the option with an underwire can run small, so don't be too shocked if you're normally a size small but your bust fits a size large. If that's the case, honestly I would say just skip it. Nine times out of ten you'll find a better option that's available in a size that will actually make you look and feel great!

Okay mis amores, that's all I have for you today! I know that was a lot of information so if you have to read it more than once, have at it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. My comments are always open to all of you!

Until next time! Peace and love to Infinity and Beyond.

- Buns Out!

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