Hoop Girl Gang

Hola mi gente!

Do you have a favorite tee that you always wanted to style as more than just a tee? Then this one is for you! Y'all, the shirt I'm wearing is AMAZING! It's so soft and insanely comfortable. I got it from another one of my favorite Latina owned businesses, Viva La Bonita.

I'm usually a size extra small or small but I got this one in an extra-large because I like my tees to fit loose. I also wanted it to have more length! Essentially, I wanted it to be more of a tee dress than just a tee.

I paired it with some black biker shorts that I actually found at Five Below to add some dimension to the outfit. I was originally just going to wear the tee as a dress but decided against it. I felt like it just needed a little something more on my legs, so in came the biker shorts! Because it's wintertime, I threw on my thigh-high boots to complete the outfit. Thigh highs in the winter are my favorite things.

For a little extra touch, I decided to add a mini corset (it's like a waist belt) and my Selena Quintanilla inspired hat, because "anything for Selenas," right?? It helped define my waist more and show off my curves while still keeping the outfit incredibly comfortable! It was such an easy touch to make an errand outfit work or party-worthy. I got the mini corset at Bare Necessities, but it's sold out now, sorry mis amores! The hat is from Five Below and I picked it up on the same day I bought the biker shorts.

Since the top literally says "Hoop Girl Gang," I had to wear the biggest hoops I own! The shirt is actually available in two colorways, the one I'm wearing and one with a black base and gold lettering. I went with the gold base because it reminded me of my college colors and I already have enough black in my wardrobe; there was no need for me to add more.

Mis amores, that's all I have for you today! I hope you had as much fun as I did with this!

Until next time! Peace and love to Infinity and Beyond.

- Buns Out!

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